News on our protegees

Poppy McGhee

We’re really pleased to announce that one of our local protegees (whom we’ve supported for the last 5 years), Poppy McGhee , has has been awarded a scholarship to study at the Royal Academy of Music from September 2023.
She says “I’m thrilled about and will be taking up. So grateful for all your support…at Wedmore Arts Festival“.

Innes Oliver

🎉We have just heard the fantastic news!🎉
Those that attended our ‘day in the life of a ballet dancer’ with Innes Oliver and Jonathan Payn on May 7th will recall she was heading off for an important audition the next day. Lots of you have asked how she got on.
We are delighted to hear that Innes was successful and has secured her place with the senior company at National Youth Ballet this summer.
She’s also busy doing her GCSEs right now so we are sending all our best wishes.
We couldn’t be more proud of you Innes !👏


As a not for profit organisation Wedmore Festival  is committed to using the surplus we generate from our events to help support young local artists and performers, and to encourage a love of the arts. The Festival is dedicated especially to supporting young talent and to encouraging a love of the arts amongst the younger generation. 

During 2022, we have already promised financial support to Wedmore First School which will be used on art projects. We also continue to help our two brilliant young protegées, Poppy McGhee and Innes Oliver, violinist and ballet dancer respectively. 

We’re also now supporting  Georgina Sweet, a talented young actor, dancer  & singer who is heading for a great future. 

She is currently studying hard for her GCSEs. She is also working towards her grade 8 Music Theatre.   She will be spending the next few years completing intensive Triple Threat Training (a West End Theatre school), and her dream is to work in London’s West End!  Georgina has performed in many theatre productions, since the age of 6.

She is a student at the Royal Academy of Music, London, where she trains in Music Theatre every Saturday. She is also part of Michael Xavier’s MXMasterclass, and has performed at the Royal Albert Hall and London Palladium.  Georgina also has a Black belt in Kick-boxing!’

All three girls are flourishing in their chosen fields and would like to pass on their thanks to our audiences who, by supporting the Festival, allow the Festival to support them!

Poppy McGheeInnes OliverGeorgina Sweet